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Any commercial space needs to have the right look to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Apart from branding and other forms of marketing, one of the best ways of achieving that is by opting for bespoke retail joinery. Bespoke joinery helps create a unique and compelling brand statement. It makes the best use of available floor space and paves the way to better efficiency. Above all, it gives your store a unique and attractive look that entices customers.

At Vision Shopfitters, we believe there is no better way to make your store stand out than by opting for bespoke joinery. With a wealth of experience, we offer bespoke retail joinery and interior fit-out services for retail stores. With a deep understanding of the retail sector and its specific requirements, we create attractive spaces that maximise efficiency and engage customers.

Is bespoke joinery worth your time and money?

Bespoke joinery is often associated with expensive furniture and fittings. After all, designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke furniture takes time and effort. As a result, store owners often find themselves wondering whether they should invest their money in bespoke retail joinery or try to cut costs by opting for pre-made furniture.

Although tailor-made retail joinery is not always more expensive than pre-made furniture, costs can quickly add up. But even when they do, the advantages of bespoke joinery far outweigh the associated costs. Custom-made joinery enhances the interior design and offers the perfect blend between high visual appeal and overall functionality.

At the same time, bespoke joinery allows for excellent customisation options. Designed and built with your brand, business and products in mind, it offers greater flexibility than what you would get with ready-made furniture. It allows you to create a consistent interior design that suits your and your customers’ needs. All of this makes bespoke joinery a powerful tool for raising brand awareness and increasing sales.

The benefits of retail joinery

Retailers can always decide to opt for ready-made furniture instead of investing in bespoke solutions. Nevertheless, bespoke retail joinery has numerous advantages over ready-made furniture.

  • Perfect fit and finish to match your store’s identity. Retail joinery is designed and manufactured to fit your exact needs and requirements. Opting for bespoke joinery means that all fixtures, fittings and furniture will match your brand, the interior design as well as any existing furniture. As such, it allows for a fully comprehensive and unified design that offers flexibility, enhances efficiency, exudes quality and entices customers.
  • High aesthetic value and overall functionality. With bespoke retail joinery, you do not have to compromise on either aesthetic value or functionality. Professional retail designers will evaluate your space and create designs that match it perfectly. A deep understanding of how your business operates leads to maximum efficiency and the best use of available space. Above all, it ensures that all of your products are displayed to their best advantage, thereby increasing sales.
  • Exceptional quality and durability. Opting for bespoke joinery means you will not have to compromise on quality either. High-quality fixtures and fittings offer durability that is hard to come by when you opt for pre-made furniture.
  • Unparalleled flexibility. Qualified joiners and designers can create furniture that is easy to customise and adapt to your changing needs. Be it a change in your stock, an expansion or a special offer, bespoke joinery can accommodate all of those needs.
  • Reduce costs. Bespoke joinery of the highest quality and perfect fit and finish will last longer than ready-made furniture. Its visual appeal, combined with flexibility, durability and customisation, ensures that you can enjoy your fixtures and fittings for longer.

Go bespoke with Vision Shopfitters

At Vision Shopfitters, we have a strong team of interior designers, retail shopfitters and joiners working together on all our projects. With a deep understanding of the sector, we offer bespoke retail joinery design, manufacturing and installation services for retail stores in London. Our fully-customised fixtures and fittings are designed and manufactured to fit the individual requirements of retail store owners. At the same time, they meet the highest standards of quality, match the interior design and suit your specific needs.

Qualified to work with a wide variety of materials, our joiners have vast experience in manufacturing furniture using laminates, solid surface materials, glass, plastics as well as metals. At the same time, we also offer a wide range of finishes and professional spray services. All of our retail joinery is available in any colour specification possible. Using cutting-edge technology and high-quality paints, we colour-match and paint your furniture to give you the best possible results.

We design our fixtures and furniture with utmost attention down to the very last detail. From materials and finishes through fastenings, we ensure that everything reflects your vision and your brand and suits your very needs. As quality-conscious and customer-oriented professionals, we ensure that our fixtures and furniture are delivered and installed to the highest standards of quality. Irrespective of the size of your store or your budget, we can find the perfect solution for you.

Looking for professional contractors offering bespoke retail joinery services in London?

Look no more. With a strong team of interior designers, retail shopfitters and joiners, Vision Shopfitters offers top-quality joinery services that never fail to impress. Contact us today.

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