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Concept Design - Shopfitting and fitouts

Our approach to commercial interior design is founded in a strong belief in compelling brand communication, we work with our clients to define brand vision, the architecture and personality of the brand. We then develop the brand design, interior design, packaging, stationery and marketing communications.

Our designers have comprehensive sector knowledge and in-depth customer understanding to create effective designs and solutions.  Our designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure we create something special.

Understanding and creativity

What allows us to be different is the ability to find creative solutions and effective proposals that are aesthetically perfect. The attention and care given to all our projects are very much appreciated by out clients. Everything is coordinated from the corporate identity to the visual merchandising without forgetting the graphic design and interactive aspects. Below is brief summary of what our work involves

Atmosphere – Our aim is to create a material space capturing the same emotional feeling defined in the concept phase, we must now provide full adherence to operations, choose materials, colours, fittings which are effective, providing the right look & feel and be aesthetically perfect.

Brand – corporate design coordination and market strategies Visual merchandising – We plan all the display methods for each category of products, correct graphics and communications.

Layouts designs

The first step in achieving a successful layout design is understanding the needs and wants of it. Our ability to listen and analyse the goals of our client in a practical way allow us to create effective strategies that are then translated into functional and down to earth layouts. As you would expect our layouts incorporate all statutory and building regs requirement. We also apply all industry standards to our layouts.

Interior Design

All elements of the store interior from flooring, finishes, ceilings, lighting and fixtures to lifestyle images and graphics, will all be critical to visitor’s inspiration, navigation through the space, and maximizing footfall.

The interiors should reflect the total store design through the physical extension of the shop front design concept into the space. Good sightlines are critical both within the interiors and from the shopfront, to ensure the visibility of the brand, is strong and consistent. This can be translated through materials, textures, features, fixtures or motifs, but the key, is selection of the best quality materials and exquisite detailing. Fixtures and fittings should be robust to retain their appearance and designed to a level of quality that will raise the ambience of the store making browsing a pleasurable experience. You can expect the following elements to be incorporated in our design and layout packages.

  • All signage should be innovative, eye catching and three dimensional
  • There are a number of elements that constitute an inspiring and alluring interior for shoppers, which should be fully visible from the shop front exterior
  • The creation of a mood / atmosphere that reflect the brands, translated through the theme or stylistic features, lifestyle images, graphics and marketing messages is critical
  • Clear and easy shopper navigation and circulation through the space and merchandise fixtures
  • Quality and attention to detail in the use of finishes, with factory finished materials and precise engineering and jointing are a priority. Abutment of all finishes should be flush finished
  •  Variation in ceiling treatments and levels should be used in conjunction with flooring and effect lighting.


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