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The perfect ceiling design & flooring design

A real sense of arrival and quality can be created at the store entrance by the flooring combined with ceiling features and lighting. Divisions and areas of interest can be created through the use of ceiling and floor finishes, by changing colour or texture, but these should always be combined with quality lighting effects.

The ceiling design, flooring and lighting schemes will be incorporated into the overall interior design. It should be captivating, exude quality, attention to detail, with changes in level or features, strong focal points encouraged as part of the design.

All elements of the store interior from flooring, finishes, ceilings, lighting and fixtures to lifestyle images and graphics, will all be critical to visitor’s inspiration, navigation through the space, and maximizing footfall.

Variation in ceiling treatments and levels should be used in conjunction with flooring and effect lighting.

Ceilings – The two main options

Option 1 – Suspended plasterboard or (T-Bar) Grid system

The main requirement are all ceilings are suspended from a proprietary system.

Ceiling access panels shall be proprietary system, flush fitting with ceiling plane, provided with concealed hinges and budget key locks. Access panels must be provided in the ceiling at points to allow access to services such as water, gas, drainage, fire sprinklers and air conditioning where applicable

High ceilings can have dimensional design features such as the use of a creative ceiling system (e.g. linear baffles, set plasterboard, cove lighting, dropped soffits with concealed lighting)

Option 2 – Exposed Ceilings – Where no ceilings are used, as part of a specific design concept.

All containment will be boxed to the underside of the soffit. No loose cabling is permitted. All visible existing services are to be tidied by use of cable trays, conduits etc..

Rigid ductwork is to be installed with the exception of final connections

All structure, soffit and services must be fully sprayed out to suit the overall concept. Mid – dark colours preferred to conceal dirt and dust

Access to be provided for services within the ceiling if and where required particularly where rodding points are evident from svp from residential or commercial premises above

Lighting – Commercial shopfitting

Lighting should be effectively used to create drama, mood and atmosphere, avoiding dark spots, with the use of energy efficient, but effective task lighting such as LED, Halogen and Metal Halide lamps.

Lighting if designed correctly, can be one of the most effective tools in creating a compelling and successful interior. It should enhance the retailers identity and showcase the shopfront, as much as promote the merchandise within the store.

We use lighting as a powerful design element to highlight product, create impact and atmosphere, to entice shoppers and enhance sales. A well designed lighting scheme, will combine both ambient and task lighting to define the space and highlight merchandise.

Ambient lighting, such as concealed cove lighting or recessed luminaries, can illuminate the entire floor space, ceilings and vertical surfaces using lamp sources such as fluorescent or LED.

Direct task lighting of merchandise, displays, and other features, can be achieved through LED spotlights.

Sustainability should be taken into consideration in the preparation of lighting schemes, which demonstrates energy reduction, promotes new and alternative technologies, and minimises effects of thermal loading.


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