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Your success as a retailer depends to a large extent on your ability to communicate efficiently with your customers. Establishing a close connection with your customers, and having the ability to transmit your retail values and vision is crucial for success.

One of the most efficient tools for establishing this connection is through retail signage design. Efficient interior and exterior signage design can give your store more visibility. It makes it easier for customers to recognise your brand and retail values. Above all, it allows you to tell your customers what you stand for.

At Vision Shopfitters, we are aware of these needs. For this reason, we offer professional retail signage design and installation services to retailers in London. We can help you communicate your brand and values towards customers efficiently and increase footfall. Working with both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, we offer various signage design options for you to choose from.

Retail signage design and its role
in your merchandising strategy

Most retailers today recognise the need for having attractive signage. Still, few retailers are aware of the fact that both interior and exterior signage should form an integral part of a successful merchandising strategy.

Customers today want to find out as much information as possible about a particular product before proceeding to buy it. At the same time, research shows that 76% of customers never speak to a sales assistant while shopping. And chances are if they do not find the information they need, they will leave your store without buying anything. In this context, having appropriate interior and exterior signage becomes crucial.

Experts label this form of merchandising ‘silent selling‘, as both interior and exterior signage play a vital role in getting your message across to your customers efficiently. If you want to increase sales and build stronger relationships with customers, you need to seriously focus on the interior and exterior signage design. They give you an amazing opportunity to create interest in your products. What’s more, when created with your brand and vision in mind, they allow you to give your store a unique personality and style.

Know your signs. Interior and
exterior retail signage design

One of your most powerful marketing tools, signage design plays a crucial role in increasing sales and footfall within your store. To make the most of this tool, however, you need to understand how to use them best. So how exactly can a professionally designed exterior and exterior signage help your business? What are your options and what should you look out for?

Exterior signage

Exterior signage, including window signage, shop front and fascia signs, has the power of bringing customers inside. A carefully designed and high-quality exterior sign tells customers more about your brand, products and business. It needs to be attractive and give customers an idea about who you are as a retailer and what you offer.  At the same time, it needs to be attractive enough to get prospective customers through the door.

The power of exterior retail signage design in increasing traffics and sales should not be underestimated. Research has shown that 76% of passers-by would enter a store they have never visited before based on the exterior signage. What’s more, 68% of customers have actually bought products from a particular shop because the exterior signage caught their eye. With these statistics, you mustn’t miss out on this outstanding merchandising opportunity.

Window signage

Window signage design stands out in its importance in creating a powerful exterior signage design. Being one of the first things prospective customers see, window displays give you the perfect platform to highlight and transmit a positive message. So make sure to use this platform to your advantage. Since you only have a few seconds to convince shoppers to enter your store, it needs to be eye-catching and create a lasting impression. Depending on your store, you can decide to display special or seasonal offers or transmit a message that represents you and sets you apart from other retailers nearby.

Interior signage

If you want to create a pleasant shopping experience for your customers, you must not forget about interior signage design either. While exterior signage plays a crucial role in driving customers inside, interior signage allows you to take your customers on a journey inside. It allows you to draw their attention to specific products or offers. And more importantly, it supplies all the information customers seek to find about particular products.

Customers today want to find out more about particular products than simply their price. You would be surprised to know how many customers are turned off by not being able to tell a product’s price. Research shows that as many as one-third of all sales are lost due to poor signage. So unless you create interior signs with customer needs and expectations in mind, you might be missing out on some serious selling opportunities.

Besides supplying customers with the necessary information about your products, interior signage should also help their wayfinding inside your store. Signage installed above various parts of your store can positively influence your customers’ journey. It has the power to make customers take note of specific products and offers. And if you combine it with a carefully thought-out merchandising strategy, it can create some serious cross-selling opportunities.

Point-of-Sale Display Signage

Another form of efficient interior signage, point-of-sale display signage can be a powerful marketing tool in your pocket to make customers stop and notice particular products. Research shows that efficient point-of-sale signage design can positively influence up to 85% of the purchases made in retail stores.

Retail signage design by
Vision Shopfitters. What we offer

Having been active in the shopfitting industry for over a decade, we know just how much retail signage can impact your business. People looking to find out what your company has to offer will be on the lookout for a sign to draw them inside. Our retail shopfitters and designers have the expertise to create signs just like that. We offer bespoke retail signage design, manufacturing and installation services to help promote and improve your business.

Our design experts will transform your ideas and your vision into an attractive and engaging sign to make your store stand out from the rest. Offering a great variety of design options and shop signage materials, we will help you find the one that will work for your store the best. From neon and digital signage through creative photographic and stencil cut out signs, to illuminated and overhead projection signs, we have a wide range of options for your convenience.

An efficient means of promotion and merchandising, retail store signage can convey many things. And we will make sure it conveys them in all the right ways. We will help you create signs that best showcases both your products and your brand.

Are you looking for new signage for your retail store? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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