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Retail counters are one of the most crucial parts of your retail space.

Being a place where most customers stop during their journey, it is vital to ensure that they make a good impression. A carefully designed and conveniently located retail counter gives your business a professional look and helps transmit a positive brand image. Most importantly, it allows you to serve customers efficiently and promote your business and your products. For these reasons, at least, it is worth paying close attention to your retail counter design.

At Vision Shopfitters, we are aware of how retail counters can help retailers grow their business. To help them do that best, we offer retail counter design, manufacturing and installation services. All of our retail counters are bespoke, and custom-made to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Retail counters at the centre
of your business

Creating the best in-store experience for customers is vital if you want your business to stay on top. The design and placement of your retail counter play a crucial role in achieving that.

It is easy to think about retail counters as simple points of sale. But the truth is, they can be so much more than that. They are the place where a casual visitor becomes a customer. As a place for interaction and dialogue with customers, they help increase customer interaction as well as brand awareness. As such, retail counters can pave the way for greater customer engagement and loyalty.

And as one of the high-foot traffic areas of your store, the counter is also a prime spot to display and promote additional products and thereby increase sales. Integrated shelves and attractive countertop displays allow you to promote small items and tempt customers to spend more.

Above all, professionally designed and custom-made retail counters help create a positive image of your brand and your business. High-quality materials and attractive design will not only enhance the interior design of your store but also increase the perceived value of your merchandise. For all these reasons, retail counters deserve to be in the centre of your attention.

Design principles in
retail counter design

When it comes to retail counters, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Custom-made retail counter design focuses on customer demographics and the specifics of your retail business to ensure the best possible shopping experience for customers visiting the store. And while it is hard to give the recipe for perfect counter design in retail stores, there are a few guidelines that help retailers make the most of their counter designs.

Location and size are key for efficient counter design

One of the most important decisions, when it comes to successful retail counter design, is location and size.

Numerous factors need to be considered when deciding the best place to install your retail counters. First, you need to think about the layout and the size of your store. In a larger retail area, with a grid or herringbone layout, the counter might be placed near the entrance. However, if you run a smaller store with a free-flow layout, it might be best to install counters more towards the back of the retail area.

Irrespective of where you end up placing your retail counters, you need to ensure that they are installed in a convenient location. They should be easily accessible to customers and allow for a pleasant shopping experience. To do that, make sure that there is enough space around your counter for people to queue without disturbing other customers visiting your store.

Lastly, you need to ensure that your counter is just about the right size. The retail counter should be large enough to allow customers to place both their personal items and the product(s) they want to buy on it.

Branding and signage to promote your business

As one of the most important elements of your store’s interior design, retail counters have a real impact on how your brand and your products are perceived by customers. When creating efficient retail counter designs, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure that they send the right message towards customers. The use of high-quality materials, coupled with attractive and eye-catching design, can help enhance your brand image and visibility greatly.

By adding additional signage you can further promote your brand and your business. Bright, bold signs near your counter allow you to draw customers’ attention to promotions, loyalty programs or various initiatives.

Create a perfect place for impulse buys and product promotion

A carefully designed retail counter can be one of the best places to maximise impulse buys. Through the integration of high-quality and eye-catching displays, the counter can be one of the best spots to tempt customers to make one last purchase before they leave. As such, retail counters might incorporate various types of integrated shelves and countertop displays as well.

Bespoke retail counter
design by Vision Shopfitters

The design of your retail counter might well be one of the most important elements of your retail store design. Being a focal point of your retail store, it needs to be visually appealing and allow for maximum functionality. At the same time, it should help create and transmit a professional image of your business and your brand. When designed with knowledge and care, it can become one of your most valuable assets in raising brand awareness and building trust.

At Vision Shopfitters, we know how much retail counter design affects your business. With over fifteen years of experience as retail shopfitters, we know how to make professional retail counter designs that sell and impress. Being aware of the varying need of retailers, we design our counters with individual needs and requirements in mind. To ensure that our vision aligns perfectly with yours, we also offer 2D and 3D visualisations before the manufacturing starts.

Working with a wide variety of commercial-grade materials, our retail counter designs incorporate front shelves, countertop displays as well as professional signage. Our dedicated joinery workshop allows us to design and manufacture truly unique and fully customised retail counters that suit your exact needs.

We design our retail counters to be a real centre of relationship with customers. Through a seamless combination of aesthetic value and functionality, our retail counters allow for the best in-store experience for customers and maximum efficiency for your sales attendants.

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