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Retail lighting design often remains an afterthought for many retailers during the shopfitting process. But the truth is that the lighting design of retail stores has a real impact on customers as well as on their purchasing decisions. Research in retail psychology shows that for the great majority of shoppers, the shopping experience is more important than products themselves. One of the easiest ways of improving customer experience is by focussing on lighting design.

At Vision Shopfitters, we know how to use lighting to its best effect. Having a deep understanding of the retail sector and retailer needs, we offer retail lighting design and installation services for retail stores in London. Paying close attention to your retail area and your products, we install light fixtures to put your products in the best light with customers.

Why retail lighting design is a crucial aspect of retail design?

How customers feel when they step inside your store can make or break a deal. Creating an ambience to lift people’s moods and to drive them towards your products is crucial for success. While several elements contribute to creating a great shopping experience, retail lighting design remains one of the most impactful ones.

Few retailers are aware of the full impact lighting design has on their business and brand. It is not just about creating a warm and welcoming ambience in your store, however. Lighting also plays a crucial role in putting in place an efficient merchandising strategy and enhancing customer experience. In turn, these lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Professional lighting design enhances the shopping experience by allowing you to:


  • Highlight products efficiently. Carefully designed and installed light fixtures ensure your products are illuminated to their best advantage. When done right, lighting design can draw customers’ towards specific products and thus increase sales.
  • Guide customers towards specific areas. Lighting can be a useful tool in guiding customers through the store. Washing specific areas with bright light entices customers towards them.
  • Create a warm and welcoming ambience. Most retailers agree that ambience is just as important as the products on shelves. Lighting is one of the most powerful tools in creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Create a positive brand image. The lighting design of your retail store can also help create a positive brand image. People associate your brand with the emotions they feel when visiting your store. Making a positive impact on customers can positively affect how customers view your business and brand.
  • Entice customers inside your store. Professional retail lighting design can give your business a competitive edge. Shoppers are naturally drawn towards well-lit stores. Installing appropriate light fixtures will not only entice more people inside your store, but it will also keep them inside for longer.

Retail lighting types

Creating an efficient retail lighting design requires skill and understanding of the retail spaces. To ensure lighting is used to its best effect, different layers of lighting need to be seamlessly combined. Brighter and softer lights need to be creatively used to reflect your brand identity and highlight your products.

When it comes to retail lighting design, there are three main types of lighting designers focus on:

Accent lighting

Creating a lighting design for retail stores starts by focussing on accent lighting. One of the brightest light sources in stores, the purpose of accent lighting is to illuminate specific products or areas. As such, the primary role of accent lighting is to improve the visibility of particular products and draw customers towards them.

Task and feature lighting

After accent lighting, one needs to focus on task and feature lighting. The purpose of this type of lighting is to illuminate service areas, such as the checkout counter, dressing rooms or any other task-specific retail area. It should be powerful enough to allow customers and staff members to see what they are doing. At the same time, it should not overshadow the accent lighting.

Decorative lighting

Besides accent and task lighting, decorative lighting can be used to enhance the interior design and attract attention. A statement light fixture in the right place helps create a memorable experience for customers. At the same time, it helps communicate your brand and fills any lighting holes in your store.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting gives your store its general ambience and feel. As such, this type of lighting has the greatest impact on customers and how they feel in your store. Usually softer and less powerful than other types of lighting, ambient lighting washes the entirety of your store with sufficient light.

Professional retail lighting design by Vision Shopfitters

Retail lighting design can be a powerful tool in enhancing customer experience and driving sales. Creating a lighting design that achieves that, however, requires specific skills. If you are looking for professional lighting designs to help give your store the shine it deserves, you can turn to Vision Shopfitters for help. We offer lighting design and installation services to retail stores in London. With a deep understanding of how lighting can influence your business, we will design and install eye-catching light fixtures to help your store thrive.

At Vision Shopfitters, we are a team of retail shopfitters, designers and architects working together on all projects. In turn, this allows us to understand every detail and layer of design and offer complete turnkey services to our customers. When creating lighting designs for retail stores, we pay particular attention to the retail area. We examine the store layout, the shelving and display systems, as well as the products. Then, we use that information to guide us throughout the design process.

We use lighting design as a powerful design element to highlight products and increase sales. Through a careful combination of various levels of lighting, we help define your space and highlight your merchandise. Above all, we help create an atmosphere where customers feel warm and welcome.

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