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Promoting your products and merchandise efficiently is vital for the success of your business. And while there are various ways in which you can attract customers and advertise your products, one of the most efficient ways of doing that is by focussing on retail shelving and retail display design. Professionally designed retail displays and shelves highlight your products in the most enticing way possible and create a memorable experience for the customer.

At Vision Shopfitters, we are a team of highly-qualified and experienced retail shopfitters, offering retail shelving and display design, manufacturing and installation services. We create outstanding retail displays with creativity and innovation in mind. Our retail display solutions are unique, tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Above all, our retail displays will engage customers and improve your merchandising strategy.

The role of retail display design and shelving design for efficient merchandising

The interior design and the ambience of your retail store can profoundly influence how customers perceive your products and the value of your merchandise. Considering how much time you have put into creating an efficient merchandising strategy, you must not forget about your shelving and retail display design either.

Cleverly designed retail displays and shelves help create an efficient floor plan to guide customers through the store. At the same time, eye-catching displays have the power of slowing down customers and drawing their attention towards specific products and offers. As a result, they can be one of the most efficient tools for facilitating impulse buys.

Above all, high-quality and attractive retail displays can increase the perceived value of your merchandise. Retailers can benefit greatly by investing in displays that exude quality and show customers the real value of products on display.

Principles of good retail display design

To make the most of your retail displays and shelves, they need to be specifically designed to suit your business, your brand and your products. Retail displays need to be attractive and should enhance the interior design. At the same time, they must not overshadow the products themselves. Achieving this, however, requires great skill and expertise.

Various types of shelving and retail display options are available on the market today. But when it comes to truly efficient retail display design, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Ideally, retail displays need to be specifically designed to suit your business and your products.

Nevertheless, when it comes to retail display design, there a few principles they should meed. These include:


Even though your shelves and displays should be designed with your store’s layout and your products in mind, it is vital to ensure that they remain versatile. Both your products and your store’s layout might change with time. And to ensure you can keep up with these changes, your retail displays must be designed with customisation and flexibility in mind. They should allow you to change your design and adapt them according to your needs without losing their appeal.


Like in all other areas of retail design, your shelves and displays need to be as future-proof as possible. Given how much displays and shelves have to withstand, it is paramount that you opt for high-quality materials and design your retail displays and shelves to last. After all, there is nothing more discouraging than chipped edges, scratched surfaces and discoloured shelves and displays.


Form meets function when it comes to retail displays and shelves. To allow you to reap all the benefits of efficient retail display design, it is vital to ensure that they have a strong visual appeal. Your shelves and displays should be eye-catching and attractive. At the same time, they should also complement and enhance the interior design scheme.

Tailored to your brand, products and customers

Being an integral part of your store’s interior design, your retail displays and shelves influence how your brand and products are perceived. To ensure you make the right impression, they should be designed in line with your brand image and tailored to your customers’ expectations.

Retail display and shelving design by Vision Shopfitters

We have been active in the shopfitting industry for more than a decade. This time has allowed us to hone our technical and design skills in virtually all areas of retail shopfitting. And we are eager to share our expertise with retailers in London.

Passionate about innovation and creativity in design, we offer various shelving and retail display design options for retail store owners. Paying close attention to our customers’ needs, we develop a clear understanding of their brand, retail space and design needs. As part of this process, we evaluate various key areas of retail stores, including:

  • the existing shelves and displays;
  • the specific characteristics of the retail space;
  • the type of products sold;
  • the shelf merchandising strategy;
  • the interior design of the store;
  • customer expectations and needs;
  • brand image.

Once we form a clear idea of your needs, we prepare design concepts and layouts for discussion. As part of this process, we provide 2D and 3D visualisation at no extra cost to our customers.

Working with a dedicated manufacturing facility gives us great freedom in bringing to life truly unique retail display designs. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, we deliver bespoke, made-to-measure retail shelves and displays of excellent quality.

Working with a wide range of commercial-grade materials, our shelving and retail displays designs are sturdy and durable. Above all, they are eye-catching and impossible to miss.

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